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29/12/2017 · pubg custom match Yeni kasa 1600DPI replied to ByMechanicTR’s topic in Genel Tartışma Ban yemen ile ilgili bir cevap geldimi acaba. Ve global ban olup olmadığını nasıl anlıyoruz bilgin var mı . Battleye ekibine destek oluşturdum ama 15 gündür bir cevap

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19/7/2017 · g502, 1600 DPI. 3 in OW. default in PUBG. it feels like i overshoot in PUBG, i’m thinking of switching to 800 DPI * 6 in OW to keep the current sens the same and keep default sens in PUBG basically lowering to half

Top responses600 DPI and 38/38/24/24/24/24/24. Would wanna play my regular 400 but too slow in inventory window.1 voteg502, 1600 DPI. 3 in OW. default in PUBG. it feels like i overshoot in PUBG, i’m thinking of switching to 800 DPI * 6 in OW to keep the current sens the same  read more1 votePersonally, I’ve come from CSGO so I’m used to a lower sens, and even with that background I’ve stuck with pretty high sens in pubg. Given, I’m casual in  read more1 votegot a mouse that can do 3200DPI but i use 400dpi, there is no reason to go higher, it still react as fast, just makes movements and aiming more precise.  read more1 voteas someone who comes from csgo, I use a bit more of a slower sens: 450 dpi w/ 52 all. still lets me flick 180 if I have to0 votesMionix Avior 7000 with 1600 dpi and 40/100 sens in PUBG.0 votes查看全部

再把滑鼠的DPI提升到1600,這時把游標從右端移到左端,只需要把滑鼠移動0.5英吋。當滑鼠DPI值越高,在同樣解析度的螢幕下,移動速度更快也更流暢。 滑鼠可達4000dpi 部分遊戲滑鼠可顯示DPI,目前最高

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my pubg id:5125476666 pc specs: processor-AMD RYZAN 5 1600 graphics card-GTX 1050TI HEADPHONE-LOGITECH G203 MOUSE-LOGITECH G402 ABOUT GAME –PUBG LITE is a Free-to-Play adaptation of the original PLAYERUNKNOWN’S

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PUBG has also entered the competitive esports scene a while ago so we just had to research the best PUBG settings for you. This list was created by our own team of PUBG fanatics as a great resource if you want to know which sensitivity, resolution, DPI , scoping sensitivity, or other PUBG settings your favorite pro is on right now.

12/2/2018 · John is Metabomb’s Editor in Chief, and is responsible for all of the Hearthstone news, features and guides content on the site. Our PUBG mouse guide covers the best DPI and sensitivity settings when it comes to optimising your mouse. Setting

初FPSでわからんことだらけだったから色々調べて、とりあえずDA Elite買って、DPI-800の1000HZにして ゲーム内感度全部40にして振り向き20cmくらいにしてみた(FPS上手い人の設定一覧みたいなのを見てると一番多そうだったから)

初FPSでわからんことだらけだったから色々調べて、とりあえずDA Elite買って、DPI-800の1000HZにして ゲーム内感度全部40にして振り向き20cmくらいにしてみた(FPS上手い人の設定一覧みたいなのを見てると一番多そうだったから)

【PUBG】「SCAR-LとM416って結局何が違うの?」管理人が詳細データを参考に各武器の違いをまとめてみました! 【PUBG】グリップの説明と効果が異なる? バーティカルとアングルドの性能比較 【PUBG】「チームの華、ブチ切れる。

绝地求生常规灵敏度多少合适 吃鸡鼠标DPI,在绝地求生中鼠标的常规灵敏度对操作的影响是非常大的,那么如何设置鼠标速度,来提高枪法呢?下面和小编一起来看一下吧!


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よく使われるDPI 400~1600の間ではゲーム内感度を60以上にしなければ大丈夫。このようにカクつくとまずいので、ゲーム内感度をできれば50未満でそれぞれ設定したほうが良い でしょう。 その上で マウスDPIを調整 したほうが良さそうです。

DPI means nothing. Turn your new one down to 400 and use the same. level 2 [deleted] 1 point · 2 years ago Yeah i know but i use 1600 for most other games and im more comfortable with it. If i knew the sense for 1600 i wouldnt have to switch back and forth.

8/7/2019 · Mouse DPI Settings for PUBG Lite 82% of professional gamers use a DPI (dots per inch) when it comes to mouse sensitivity. Users settle the DPI between 400-800. You should personally choose the setting but we suggest you shouldn’t go higher than 1600

I didn’t understand until I tried. My aim shot through the roof on lower DPI. Mind you, I’m a terrible player. My k/d was below 1 with high DPI and is a little under 1.5 with low DPI. I guess the key idea behind it is that most players don’t lose a gun battle because they

動作的な違いは、一定の距離だけ動かして、「動いた」と言うのがどれだけカウントできるかという機能の違いです。 1インチあたり800カウントなら800dpi、1600カウントなら1600dpiということ。 基本的には、dpiの数字は大きい方が良い。

16/4/2018 · You can have your mouse DPI setting to high like 1600 DPI, But in game your mouse sensitivity shoudl be low enough that going form one side of a big mousepad to the other does a 180 degree turn. This gives you accuracy. If you have it so that you just move

28/7/2019 · ibiza鼠标DPI是1600, 如何理解? 44回复 /5亮 浏览 0 verllegar (级) 楼主 2019-07-29 01:13 举报 只看此人 收藏本帖 楼主 ibiza鼠标DPI是1600,如何理解? 由 verllegar 发表在 ·绝地求生

DPI設定値は1000~3000 程度に設定すると良いと多くの記事で書かれております。しかし高すぎると微調整が難しくなりますので1600程度にすると良いでしょう。 コレがいい!使いやすいマウス 「あつかいやすいマウス」を選んだほうがゲームの上達が

Guys, the reason some of your DPI’s are so different is that each one of you plays on a different game resolution. DPI means “dots per inch”. If you have very high resolution (lots of pixels/dots), then you need to increase your DPI. If you have low resolution, then

18/2/2019 · pixelskipping doesn’t change anything it really doesn’t matter. play with a lower dpi because it way easier to control anything above 800 is a no go. don’t listen to retards saying to play at 1600 dpi at .65 in game because there is no pixel skip they are most def bots

PUBG Settings – Including: Sensitivity, DPI, Keybindings, Resolution, Video Settings, Setup, PC Specs & Config. Please note that all the product links in the table above will direct you to Amazon and we will receive a small commission for any items sold.

PUBG น นเป นหน งเกมท นอกจากจะใช ความสามารถส วนต วแล ว อ ปกรณ หร อการต งค าต าง ๆ ก ม ความสำค ญเช นก น หลายคนอาจจะสงส ยว าเหล าโปรเพล

で、僕はこの理論にとても納得していました。ただ不思議なのはOWのプロなどはほとんどDPI 400-1600 あたりでセンシを掛けています。CSGOなどもそうですね。 上の2つの記事だと、プロがDPI400や800を使うのは昔のマウスIE3.0などの名器がそれし

More dpi = more mouse smoothing = less accurate mouse inputs. If you want to show down your sensitivity i recommend you choose a dpi less than or equal to 1600 and then adjust your ingame sens instead. Changing your dpi like that is a waste of time

While the teams have been busy preparing for the second season we’ve also been doing our work analyzing their gear. As usual, we researched the Overwatch settings like resolution, dpi and sensitivity for each individual pro.

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29/7/2019 · 谁说的,有个名词叫edpi,edpi相同的情况下高dpi低灵敏度和低dpi高灵敏度是没有区别的,如果不是过低与过高的dpi对比,很难感受到手感的差异,相同的edpi下,低dpi高游戏内速度,会感到有比较锯齿、移动起来不是特别顺滑的感觉,是它相对感觉比较稳定

When it comes to DPI, you typically want to use anywhere from 400-800 For efficient aiming, however obviously this comes down to personal preference. While these are optimal, they may not be the best for you. It all comes down to what enables you

29/3/2013 · 我自己的滑鼠雖然也是連鈺的,但是我的只能調整 800 / 1600 兩種模式 每按一次DPI 按鍵可調整下一個解析度 我想買PUBG 黑科技一族壓槍滑鼠,不知道是不是真的像他們網站影片一樣穩,有在用黑科技一族滑鼠的嗎

その後彼はPUBGを始め、給料制のプロゲーマーを公募したことで話題となった『Zoo Gaming』に所属。(公募についてのプレスリリース) PUBG JAPAN SERIES αリーグ予選では、予選6試合で個人キル数21キルを獲得し、全選手の中でキル数ランキング2位という成績を

Although most mice can reach ridiculously high DPI, a higher number isn’t necessarily better – it’s just a marketing tool to sound more impressive. Imagine we’re looking at the scale in the above image and we want to land a well-aimed shot. If we’re using a 1600

8/3/2018 · DPI is a setting for your mouse Not all mice allow you to set/change your DPI. I’d recommend default windows mouse sensitivity options (default 6/11 poijnter speed), with enhance pointer precision off as any other settings cause mouse acceleration. Then just

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